DiffEqCallbacks.jl: Prebuilt Callbacks for extending the solvers of DifferentialEquations.jl

DifferentialEquations.jl has an expressive callback system which allows for customizable transformations of te solver behavior. DiffEqCallbacks.jl is a library of pre-built callbacks which makes it easy to transform the solver into a domain-specific simulation tool.


To install DiffEqCallbacks.jl, use the Julia package manager:

using Pkg


To use the callbacks provided in this library with solvers, simply pass the callback to the solver via the callback keyword argument:

sol = solve(prob,alg;callback=cb)

For more information on using callbacks, see the manual page.

Note About Dependencies

Note that DiffEqCallbacks.jl is not a required dependency for the callback mechanism. DiffEqCallbacks.jl is simply a library of pre-made callbacks, not the library which defines the callback system. Callbacks are defined in the SciML interface at SciMLBase.jl.