Differentiating Integrals

Integrals.jl is a fully differentiable quadrature library. Thus, it adds the ability to perform automatic differentiation over any of the libraries that it calls. It integrates with ForwardDiff.jl for forward-mode automatic differentiation and Zygote.jl for reverse-mode automatic differentiation. For example:

using Integrals, ForwardDiff, FiniteDiff, Zygote, Cuba
f(x,p) = sum(sin.(x .* p))
lb = ones(2)
ub = 3ones(2)
p = [1.5,2.0]

function testf(p)
    prob = IntegralProblem(f,lb,ub,p)
dp1 = Zygote.gradient(testf,p)
dp2 = FiniteDiff.finite_difference_gradient(testf,p)
dp3 = ForwardDiff.gradient(testf,p)
dp1[1] ≈ dp2 ≈ dp3