Definition of the AbstractSciMLSolution Interface

All AbstractSciMLSolution types are a subset of some AbstractArray. Types with time series (like ODESolution) are subtypes of RecursiveArrayTools.AbstractVectorOfArray and RecursiveArrayTools.AbstractDiffEqArray where appropriate. Types without a time series (like OptimizationSolution) are directly subsets of AbstractArray.

Array Interface

Instead of working on the Vector{uType} directly, we can use the provided array interface.


to access the value at timestep j (if the timeseries was saved), and


to access the value of t at timestep j. For multi-dimensional systems, this will address first by component and lastly by time, and thus


will be the ith component at timestep j. Hence, sol[j][i] == sol[i, j]. This is done because Julia is column-major, so the leading dimension should be contiguous in memory. If the independent variables had shape (for example, was a matrix), then i is the linear index. We can also access solutions with shape:


gives the [i,k] component of the system at timestep j. The colon operator is supported, meaning that


gives the timeseries for the ith component.

Common Field Names

  • u: the solution values
  • t: the independent variable values, matching the length of the solution, if applicable
  • resid: the residual of the solution, if applicable
  • original: the solution object from the original solver, if it's a wrapper algorithm
  • retcode: see the documentation section on return codes
  • prob: the problem that was solved
  • alg: the algorithm used to solve the problem

Return Codes (RetCodes)

The solution types have a retcode field which returns a symbol signifying the error state of the solution. The retcodes are as follows:

  • :Default: The solver did not set retcodes.
  • :Success: The integration completed without erroring or the steady state solver from SteadyStateDiffEq found the steady state.
  • :Terminated: The integration is terminated with terminate!(integrator). Note that this may occur by using TerminateSteadyState from the callback library DiffEqCallbacks.
  • :MaxIters: The integration exited early because it reached its maximum number of iterations.
  • :DtLessThanMin: The timestep method chose a stepsize which is smaller than the allowed minimum timestep, and exited early.
  • :Unstable: The solver detected that the solution was unstable and exited early.
  • :InitialFailure: The DAE solver could not find consistent initial conditions.
  • :ConvergenceFailure: The internal implicit solvers failed to converge.
  • :Failure: General uncategorized failures or errors.


AbstractSciMLSolution API

Abstract SciML Solutions

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